Reamericana EP

by Daniel Miller




released January 24, 2011

Original sessions for "American Dream Town" and "Closed for the Year" produced by Elvis Srsan at Mandarina Studios in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2003. Electric guitar for "Closed for the Year" recorded in Jesse Donoghue's living room in Delray Beach, Florida some time before 2003.

"Numb Us", "Black Eye'd Kind of Love" and "Prayin' for You" produced and recorded by Salim Nourallah and mixed by Rip Rowan at Pleasantry Lane studios, Dallas, Texas in 2006 and 2007.

Additional recording for "American Dream Town" and "Closed for the Year" by Tom Bridwell and mixed by Paul Williams at Tomcast Studios, Dallas, Texas in 2010.

All tracks mastered by Carl Saff in 2010.

Cover art by Cathey Miller, from the original piece "Bring It"
Title font: Raleway by Matt McInerney
Cover design by Daniel Miller




Daniel Miller Dallas

Daniel Miller is a writer, musician and producer. Not the one who produced Depeche Mode, though. I mean, his name is Daniel Miller and he's a writer, musician and producer too. But I'm not him. I'm me.

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Track Name: American Dream Town
Got yer membership card to the high mighty
Unwritten rule above the door says nur whitey
Shake a hand and feel real special
Walk around, eat chocolate-covered pretzels
Next morning wake up, it's all like a dream
Nothing is never more quite what it seems

in this town
this American town
this dream town
this American dream town

Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful
Don't go lookin' for my long lost soul
Some time and money is all you need
They'll give ya a shot and start to kneed
Yer face like dough, there's no need to know
Yer true light within, just spin spin spin
Slap a logo on yer chest
Don't worry about the rest
Track Name: Numb Us
Bono is prone to posturing...bug eyes
Every president needs his war...bulls eye
I could care less about the American dream
cuz they all are just locked up so we can’t hear them scream
shakira is all made up like britney...trip off
fat short men in kakis...jerk off
I can’t remember your number though
because I’ve got it programmed in my cell phone

it’s like that last sip of coffee
when you can see yourself in the bottom of the cup
it’s like that first hit of junk
you know it’s never going to be that good again
it’s like that last shot of whiskey
right before you meeting with the floor
it’s like the first time
it’s over before it even began

crazy old man in the back seat of a lexus...loner
waiting for his woman to pick up his meds...stoner
I will never be the man
I’ll never have a deep dark tan
pacifist me and that guy in the lexus
we both suffer from the same perplexus
so drug us...just numb us
Track Name: Black Eye'd Kind of Love
The moon is on the rise, the sun set long ago
I sit on the hood of our Chevy drinking rum and Co’
I’d cry if daddy hadn’t removed my ability when I was 10
I’d hit something hard if it weren’t for that broken bone already in my hand

The waves washed away our castles long ago this morning
And we packed up our things and headed back to the hotel, laid around being boring
We had some dinner and you said you were leaving
And you were taking the kids and moving in with your mother in Cleveland

This is a black eyed kinda love
This is a black eyed kinda love
And it obviously doesn’t matter to no God above
Cuz this is a black eyed kinda love

Well your love was dead and gone since last Christmas
Mine being a mule stuck around for a much longer amount of time
But now the moon and the people are making their way down south
And when you turned one last time these are the words that came out of your mouth

It was 10 years ago to the day, just 18 years of age
You knew about my temper, I knew your dad was a leper
He passed out at the reception, put the ire in my predilection
I broke that bottle of Maddog 20/20 and said “Let this be a lesson.”
Track Name: Closed for the Year
I've been tired from wasting all this time
I've been tired from never ever stoppin'
But I will just cut another line
There will never be an end to all this poppin'

These pills that come in red, white and blue
They're made to keep folks like me and you
From thinkin' too much about the way
They never mean a goddamn thing they say

Come and get me Uncle Sam
Come and get me big blue
Come and get me Little Bo Peep
I've lost my tail feathers, too

Hey, sorry, we're closed for the year
It's winter now and there's nobody here
Check back in six months my dear
Cuz sorry but we're closed for the year

I was feeling a bit moby that day
What I really needed was a good night's sleep
But I climbed out of bed climbed into my Toy-o-tay
Started the engine and pulled into the street

Lit up a smoke, took a drag, felt suddenly young
Lit up down the road towards the setting sun
Next morning pulled up to this store
Read the words no one could ever ignore

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