by Daniel Miller

Silent T 00:48
God 02:18
Luv 02:21
Belief 01:07
Darkness 06:37
Weapons VIII 02:12
Why 01:07
Follow Me 03:18


" we weave it all together into something we can understand and gives tomorrow meaning, even if the events of yesterday throw the reason for the sum of our days into doubt and disarray."

After my daughter Margot died, I found myself no longer with an artistic voice to help make meaning out of the meaningless, but a need and desire for the same. So I asked my friends to help, and found bits and pieces of the story in others' songs. All the rationalizations are inadequate, of course, but I thought I would start by describing my most frequent: that she was too perfect. That she was needed elsewhere, needed in a place we cannot yet go. The songs tell the story of her journey there, and of our confusion and anger that she's left. It also deals with reconciling with those that took her.

Form is a record of (mostly) cover songs, performed by (mostly) other people, arranged in acts. It is intended to be listened to in order without interruption; at least the first time.

Form was produced, engineered and mixed by Salim Nourallah and Rip Rowan and mastered by Rip Rowan. Special thanks to all those that lent their voices and talents to this project and especially to Chris Holt, Salim Nourallah and Rip Rowan, without whose talents and generosity this project could not have happened.


released October 18, 2013

1. Silent T. By Daniel Miller.
2. In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country by Boards of Canada. Vocals by Benj Pocta. Arrangement by Chris Holt. Performed by Chris Holt and Rip Rowan.
3. God by Tori Amos. Vocals by Vanessa Peters. Arranged and performed by Vanessa Peters and Rip Rowan.
4. Luv by Sarah Jaffe. Vocals by Chris Holt. Arranged and performed by Chris Holt.
5. Belief. Vocal sample of Viktor Frankl. Written and performed by Salim Nourallah and Daniel Miller.
6. Darkness by Peter Gabriel. Vocals by Salim Nourallah. Arrangement by Chris Holt. Performed by Chris Holt, Rip Rowan, Daniel Miller and Salim Nourallah.
7. Life in a Dangerous Time by Cutting Crew. Vocals by Paul Averitt. Arrangement by Chris Holt. Performed by Chris Holt, Salim Nourallah, Paul Averitt, Daniel Miller and Nick Earl.
8. Weapons VIII by Son Lux. Vocals by Doug Burr. Arranged and performed by Chris Holt and Doug Burr.
9. Why. Varous vocal samples. Arranged and performed by Daniel Miller.
10. Warriors of Love by Salim Nourallah. Vocals by Daniel Miller and friends. Performed by Daniel Miller and Salim Nourallah.
11. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. II by the Flaming Lips. Vocals by Daniel Miller and Gabrielle LaPlante. Arranged and performed by Chris Holt, Daniel Miller, Eric Neal and Salim Nourallah.
12. Writing to Reach You by Travis. Vocals by Tom Conlon. Arranged and performed by Tom Conlon and Rip Rowan.
13. Follow Me by John Denver. Vocals by Camille Cortinas. Arranged and performed by Camille Cortinas, Chris Holt and Bach Norwood.
14. Most Beautiful Girl in the World. By Daniel Miller.


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Daniel Miller Dallas

Daniel Miller is a writer, musician and producer. Not the one who produced Depeche Mode, though. I mean, his name is Daniel Miller and he's a writer, musician and producer too. But I'm not him. I'm me.

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